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How our company started

Cameron Miller, a 13-year old boy from Calabasas, California was diagnosed with a stage 2 brain tumor. He went through a rough 18 months of chemotherapy, feeling isolated and lonely because he did not have an accessible peer group to help him process his situation. Cameron determined that no one else would ever have to go through similar experiences without a support group, so he developed a website to connect teens with cancer. By establishing this community, Cameron has ensured that teens around the world will have the understanding and support crucial to promote connection and healing.

Why I started this company

I founded this company because I want teens diagnosed with cancer to have a safe place to discuss their feelings and have the support crucial to fight through the challenges of treatment and make it to the finish line of remission. Maintaining a positive mindset is so important and this can be difficult while sitting in a hospital bed unsure of what will happen next. There is strength in numbers and through open dialogue and accessible peer support we can beat cancer.  

How the website works

The website is a web based mobile optimized community which provides for simultaneous participation by members on any device. Teenagers with cancer can join a chat group on our website and communicate with friends who are experiencing similar challenges. United, we can do anything!

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