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I want to thank everyone who has been so compassionate and supportive of me during my treatment. It was a rough 18 months, and I really appreciate all your kindness. As a result of your support, I have created a website to ensure that all kids going through cancer have people they can reach out to and connect through a chat room. I want to send a special thanks to Robin Richards, who encouraged my idea and helped me turn my vision into an organization that helps teenagers worldwide. I would also like to thank my parents and family for inspiring me to find meaning and purpose from my struggle. Additionally, to all my friends who stood by me during the times when I was not feeling well, I am so grateful for your generosity and support.


Nothing means more to me than connecting teenagers with cancer to help create a healthy and positive environment. I could not have done this without my amazing community – thank you all so much for standing by during these difficult times.

SIGN UP to join our growing community. Sign up now on our website. Soon on our mobile app... coming later this year.

CREATE a profile on our website to join other teenagers in your position.

You can use your real name, or remain anonymous.

Join a CHAT that puts you with other people in your situation to share what you have gone through or what you are currently going through to help people understand what they are going through.

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